Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Shame shame..!!!

What am I supposed to write over the stupid incident that happened on the field of cricket? It's a shame for entire cricketing world and rather it is a crime on the cricketing ground, if found as done deliberately. You must have understood the subject of this post. In simple terms, Sehwag was denied a hundred by Sri Lankans because of their ill-minded-game-strategy which has no essence of game spirit or rather they don't know what the game spirit is all about.

For those, who are yet surprised, and want to know what the hell has happened, I will just brief you a bit. India needed 1 run to win, Sehwag was on strike on 99 runs. But Randiv, the bowler at that time, bowled the "historical" NO BALL. The story doesn't end here. Sehwag hit that ball out of park and guess what? The final score card-the official scorecard shows Sehwag 99* (Not out) only. Questioning why? Because (as explained by many experts on TV shows etc) the no ball was bowled first before the six was hit, and that's why India won before the six was hit. And once ou score last run, you can't score in further runs obviously.

The two points come to my mind. First, why ICC has made such a non-logical rule? I mean to say, does delivery get complete when bowler just throws the ball? Certainly no...! Right? Then why the match was theoretically called over after the no ball and not after the six? Well, that's a smaller issue and the "Law makers" will find out the solution for it.

What depresses me the most today is the Sri Lankan approach on the last ball. Mind you, and you will be surprised to read this- the ball was bowled as NO BALL not by accident but by a WISH. And the TV replays and certain TV reports are enough proof for me to write here that it was a deliberate attempt. Who was the source of such a great(!) inspiration??? Well, the Sri Lankan board is behind it.

I have seen the Sri Lankan team as the team which follows more ethics than an other team. I remember on incident, which was way back in 1997-98 (maybe, not sure). One player got run out because the Sri Lankan player, accidentally (not deliberately), blocked way while he was running. Arjuna Ranatunga, then the captain of Sri Lankan team, directly apologized to the player and requested umpires not to give him out & that was actually implemented. The player played as if he was not out.

In the end, what matters is who had the last laugh! Indai had the last laugh and crushed Sri Lanka with the bonus point. One tat laughs last, luaghs loud! Sri Lanka was such a high standard country and now few players have ruined that identity, Randiv will get ban and someone will apologize, that has to happen. But the bigger question still remains. Is cricket gentlemen's game anymore?

(Pardon me if there is any typographical mistake. Have done this within no time. Also, I am writing post after many days so thanks for those who are still connected with blog. Special thanks to Tamal Saha.)

-By Abhijeet


  1. really shame on randiv and d way nice to read ur blogs again...didnt get time during last month...keep it up...chears...

  2. I entirely agree with comments by Abhijeet.Now I want to discuss something connected with the incident. Supposing, on the last ball (No ball) Shehwag had just pushed and in an attempt to take a single, he was run out. Certainly, he would have would have been given out, because a batsman can get run out on a No-ball. In the same way,the effect of any delivery by a bowler is not completed by the delivery itself, but further consequences of the delivery have also to be taken into account. If Shewag had hit a six, he should have got 7 runs. The way the umpire ruled only a single run shows the absurdity of the rule,if any. It also shows the unsportsmanship of Randiv and Co.