Thursday, March 31, 2011

India beat Pakistan, yet again..!

Let's go to Mumbai..!
Nothing satisfies Indians more than beating their old rivals Pakistan. Add to it the situation- World Cup semifinal, presence of the top political leaders from both countries, business tycoons, bollywood starts and the most important entire subcontinent which counts more than 140 crore population expecting only their team to win..! Mohali was turned into battle field with thousands of army personnel, special commandos, surface to air missiles around the stadium. But in the end 11 Blue Commandos won the war for country without a single drop of blood..! This can go in history as one of the biggest wins of Indian Cricket Team, no doubt.

While India started their world cup campaign with favorite's tag, Pakistan, it seemed at that point, was just to show presence. But during the course of tournament, India could not find it as smooth as they would have expected. On the other hand, Pakistan played with aggression complemented superbly by bowling, led by inspiring captain Shahid Afridi, outplayed teams like Sri Lanka, Australia with ease. That is why, at the time of semifinal, it was going to be a crunch game- and it proved to be!

I know there is no need of post match explanation. I am sure, each and every Cricket Lover in this entire universe would have watched it ball-by-ball. I also heard Government declared half-working day in Pakistan..! Only 3 points I would like to raise here for Pakistani think tank:

  • When India were on 141 for 4, Tendulkar playing tentative, why didn't they attack in field with more men saving singles and catching? (and please, you cannot drop Sachin Tendulkar 4 times and still hope he should not make runs..)
  • Why Misbah played at 5th and out of form Younis played up the order? (was Misbah too late to attack Indian bowling?)
  • Timing of batting power play was utterly wrong, or the think tank simply forgot to have it?

These are the questions which they need to answer to Pakistani fans. But having said everything, I must agree, Pakistani players showed tremendous courage to fight against Indians. Indians played their natural game according to situation. Tendulkar played such an innings which he himself would NOT be proud for. But runs count, and his knock of 85 stood out as others failed to occupy crease.

MS Dhoni must be on cloud nine after this win. His heartbeats must have returned to normal by now. Dhoni, smart Dhoni accepted it was mistake not to play R Ashwin, rather he failed to read wicket. India can party for a while. But with the Final on 2nd April, they cannot simply sit and relax.

"We will do the job in Mumbai" are the words of Sachin in post match presentation..! Imagine, Tendulkar- (almost) 38 years of age- playing his last world cup match (?) in career- a final- that too in Mumbai- his home town- and scores a 100th international 100, wins the match- Cup for country... and

I'm already loving it..! Is the Almighty reading this blog? Please God, please, will you write this script for the God of Cricket?

Afridi: Sachin, I stopped you making 100th 100..! Sachin: Thanks yaar, it would not have suited me either..! Sehwag: अरे शाहिद, फिर भी 'बाप तो बाप होता है'..!


  1. Anytime India and Pakistan clash, it always looks like World Cup finals.It was yet another amazing thriller. A typical photo-finish!! Congratulations to Dhoni & Team. Fact remains, this Pakistan team is an improved one!

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