Monday, February 7, 2011

World Cup 2011 Favorites!

Hello Friends,

World Cup 2011 - This is 10th World Cup Cricket Tournament in the history of ODI cricket and 14 teams are participating in this event; which comes only ones in Four years. This time, the tournament is been hosted by sub-continent countries viz. India, Sri Lanka & Bangladesh.

Sub-continent batting pitches are very Flat where batsmen can score lots of runs and you will find good teams scoring near about 300 runs in many matches. Credit goes to Twenty Twenty Cricket as well, as it has improved  pace and style of One day cricket too. Traditionally sub-continent pitches help Spin bowlers rather than pacers. We have already seen that, quality spinners are making a big difference in this tournament.

Now, lets come to the favorites of the tournament to win the World Cup 2011. If you believe in statistics then in the last 5 consecutive  World Cups, a sub-continent team has reached in the World Cup Finals. ( 1992- Pak, 1996- Sri Lanka, 1999- Pak, 2003- India, 2007- Sri Lanka) and out of those 5 finals 2 have been won by a sub-continent country. (1992- Pak, 1996- Sri Lanka), but on the other hand in those 5 World cups, Australians have reached in the finals 4 times (except 1992, all) and have won 3 World cup finals, that too consecutively. Isn't it interesting? Is it something Australians Vs Sub-continent Countries going on for last 2 decades?

As this World Cup is being played on the sub-continent pitches, definitely home teams are having advantage. They are getting utmost Crowd support as well. In such conditions, I guess Australia, South Africa, India and Sri Lanka are the favorites to win World Cup 2011. Lets see why?

Never to say Die, is the attitude among Australian players. They can come from no where and win matches for their country. Although, Now they are not having likes of Gilchrist, Hayden, McGrath,Warne etc, still they  are having same attitude and winning habit amongst all their existing players. They are dangerous side on any day and their performance in the World cups is always outstanding, as they have bagged 4 World Cups so far.
Current Form of the team is also good, as they have beaten England comprehensively in recent ODI series. Pointing's Form will be the concern, but he is Great enough to rise at the big occasion.

South Africa:
I think, South Africans were the favorites in almost all the World Cups they played since1992, but never won a single World Cup. They are having a  tendency of loosing crucial matches when its not affordable. Still, they are a very good side, probably the best fielding side and Pace Attack in the tournament and  great combination of all rounders and match winners like ever great Jack Kallis, dangerous Hashim Amla and furious Dale Stain.

After 2007 World Cup debacle, Indian team has become matured under the captaincy of Mr. Cool  Dhoni. Batting is the always strength of India Team and this team is no exception for that. I think, Sachin, Sehawag, Gambhir, Virat, Yusuf, Dhoni, Yuvraj / Raina all can win matches single handedly on their day. But, bowling department is a little concern, specialist bowlers really need to bowl well, especially in power plays, as Indian team will be playing only 4 specialist bowlers in the team. Injury is also a big problem, all players need to be fit through out the tournament. And lastly, Indians have to field really well, saving 20-30 runs in a match can really make a huge difference while playing against Australians and South Africans. Yusuf should play at No 5 position, rather than No 7 as, if  he gets going at No. 5, really India can win matches very easily, but when he plays at No. 7, many of the times, the target has already gone out of the reach and  he has to play with tail-enders and he is pressurized too much.

Sri Lanka:
Sri Lanka, always a dangerous side, while playing at home grounds. You remember, 1996 World Cup, which was also played in the sub-continent countries and Sri Lankans capitalized very effectively on  the conditions favored them. They are having match winners like dangerous Dilshan at the top & vast experience of Mahela Jaywardhane and Kumara Sangakara in middle order. Also, they are having a very good bowling attack in the form of Malinga, who is specialist in the death overs & power plays and Ajatha Mendis, who is a dangerous spin bowler in these conditions. Don't forget, they are a very good fielding unit as well.

Apart from these four favorites, teams like Pakistan and England are also good sides. Cricket is a game of Uncertainty and you can predict your Favorites, but you never know, who are the underdogs in the tournament. Keep Watching WC 2011 and support your favorite team!  



  1. I think Top Favourites are:

    1. Australia
    2. Pakistan
    3. South Africa
    4. England
    5. New Zealand
    6. India
    7. Sri lanka

  2. Harish
    4.south Africa
    will be the semifinalists of world cup 2011.

  3. 1)sri lanka
    5)South Africa

  4. South africa

  5. Australia

    in the semis

  6. india
    sri lanka

  7. sri lanka & austrilia will be the finals.

  8. i think no body can beat pakistan, pakistan gone win what ever other teams do.

  9. Ajantha N
    Sri lanka

  10. Sri Lanka
    South Africa

  11. Sri Lanka or South Africa

  12. Pakistan, Sri Lanka, India. England can be upsetting too.

  13. Semi finalists Pakistan, Australia, South Africa and Srilanka

  14. i think pakistan vs india and new zealand vs sri lanka semi finals

  15. Sri Lanka Spin Doctors will the game.