Monday, March 14, 2011

Cricket Lovers’ turns 1…!

Hurrayyyhhh…!!! What a hot and happening past one year for Cricket Lovers it’s been! It saw 200 being made in an ODI innings, IPL and Champion League entertaining cricketing communities like never before, Australia loosing to England in precious Ashes series and then counter attacking England to win ODI series, India squaring Test series against South Africans and fighting hard for the most closely contested ODI series. Pakistan rising like a phoenix to beat New Zealand just before the World Cup and now the Cup that counts- World Cup 2011..! The year saw players turning into Gods, youngsters becoming heroes, match winners getting paid like anything in IPL auctions. Well, well, well… lots of excitement. This truly is a special year for any Cricket fan. That’s why we call it Cricket Lovers’ year..!

While all those events were unfolding and getting the highest TRP rating on TV, your blog, Cricket Lovers’, was following and updating it for you on internet. To be honest, it was our first attempt of blogging. We, therefore, learnt a lot of things during last year or so. We understood the taste of readers, what they want, when they want, how they want. Started on 14th March 2010, graph of viewers visiting blog is gradually increasing day by day.

As we write this post to Celebrate 1st Anniversary of blog, we would like to highlight some major facts with you all.
  • Total visits to blog are 4829 (See on top right corner of blog). With Indian viewers topping list with 2342 visits, No. 2 being US with 673 visits and other countries from where viewers accessed blog are-UK, Pakistan, Australia, UAE, Russia, South Africa, Sri Lanka Canada etc.
  • For first few months, blog was limited only to specific group of people. But now blog has reached a stage where it top-lists certain Google Search queries. That is why Google provided various Ads of following companies on blog:
    Club Mahindra, Nokia, Quatar Airways, Tata Sky, Airtel, LG, Vodafone, Lays, American Express, HeroHonda, Mentos,, etc., to name a few,
    which you can click to know more about interesting offers they make.
  • One website approached us to have our writings on their website. We are in discussion with them.
Wish us Happy Anniversary...!
This wouldn't have happened unless You, had show such an intensity to visit, revisit and again revisit blog..! Rest assured for the content in blog as we will get up with something interesting every time we post to make it an enjoyable place for both readers and us. At the same time, we’re curious to know what you want to read, your feedback, suggestions, criticism related to blog, anything… well almost..! And, not to forget, encouragement also..! We will indeed give a thought to whatever you write us back.

Our goal for next year will be to continue posting quality material on blog, with consistency, to reach up to maximum new viewers keeping current viewers intact. Let’s again make the coming year of Cricket Lovers’..!

Do Visit again- Simplify- Add to bookmarks…NOW!

Thank you,

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  1. Congrats! for your successful 1 year of this Blog. Keep going. Wish you all the best.