Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Some funny tweets about Laxman

#Flash: Home Ministry has issued advisory for all people named Laxman against traveling to Australia

#I wont be surprised if Laxman is made honorary Australian citizen: better to have him on your side than a constant thorn in the flesh...

#I hereby declare that I am starting proceedings to find Laxman Janmabhoomi so we can build a Laxman temple.

#Last week belonged to Ram. This week belongs to Laxman

#Lets demolish the hospital where Laxman was born n build a bhavya Laxman mandir!

#aussies will have answer for everyone but for vvs laxman(very very special) they crumble and cry like a child .

#Sydney se 50-50 kos door gaon me jab koi cricketer rota hai..toh uski maa kehti hai beta chup hoja nahi toh laxman aa jaega

#Dear Kalmadi, if u have an extra gold medal pls give it to VVS Laxman, he deserves!! And a Silver to Ishant and a Bronze to Raina for running

#Gandhiji's last words were - 'Hey Ram', Ponting's last words would be 'Hey laxman'
#The day VVS LAXMAN retires from Test cricket, it will be a National holiday in Australia



  1. Even 1000 elephants cant break this great wall, laxman

  2. Ponting, says, yes am retiring, i cant now play against India, when laxman is there

  3. Laxman is really a 'Rahu' in the Patrika of Austrelian cricket!!