Thursday, March 8, 2012

Rahul Dravid

'Rahul Dravid announced his retirement today from Test Cricket.' This can be the headline in tomorrow's news. Yes, Rahul Dravid is likely to announce his retirement, says the reports. Rahul Dravid- the Wall, well, words fail to describe the greatness of this man. First, I feel very sad to post about his retirement. But then, I am glad that 'Rahul Dravid' happened in Cricket, happened in India.
Rahul Dravid- What a batting profile!
Dravid, started his career with brilliant performances in Test Cricket. Then, he was stamped as the 'only' Test Cricket batsman, later proved himself in ODI Cricket. He adapted to the situation like nobody could have. Later, he took wicket - keeping responsibility so that his team could afford to play an extra batsman! Who can make such big sacrifices for team? Navjot Singh Sidhu, once said that 'if captain asks Dravid to walk on the path full of broken glasses, for the team, he will walk that path!' Such is the greatness of the man!

Rahul Dravid was first included in team as lower middle order Test Cricket batsman. Then, he improvised himself to became one of the greatest one down batsmen, in history of batsmanship in both Test and ODI Cricket. In ODIs, he improvised and became the wicket keeper, while in Tests, he changed his position from silly point and shifted to first slip fielder and boy, how, he holds the record for the most catches in Tests Cricket.

The Champion!
In the beginning of his career, he was overshadowed by the other golden boys of Indian Cricket- Sourav Ganguly and Sachin Tendulkar. He always had that little curse of being in the shadow of someone else. But through pure dedication, hard work and of course ability, he became Cricketer of higher and higher stature. His captainship was a mixed pack. In first half of his career as captain, he was immensely successful. India made records of winning consecutive ODIs. But later in this tenure as captain, India failed miserably in World Cup 2007 held at West Indies. That was turning point to Dravid's ODI career. Later, he stepped down as Indian Captain. And after that, he was mostly 'rested' (dropped) for ODIs - only to be called back for tough tours of South Africa, England where player of his technique, ability can manage to play confidently. He was still going strong and was pillar of batting line up in Tests. If one has to highlight his best quality as batsman, it was his ability to form partnerships at crucial times. Who can forget Kolkatta, Adelaide, Lahore where he formed match winning or match saving partnerships?

Dravid's Partnerships in Tests for Winning Cause (150+ only)
Dravid's Partnerships in Tests for Saving a match (200+)
Dravid's Partnerships in ODI for winning cause (120+)

He was and I should say he is the only batsman in today's generation with perfect copy book style technique. Though in the recently concluded series against Australia, he failed with bat and got bowled out most of the times. That raised questions over his reflexes and technique. I guess, the person, who always gave 110% to his team, might have realized that he cannot offer more than 100% to team and may have reached to this decision. We must respect his decision. There are lots and lots points to write about the man Rahul Dravid, but as of now, lets cherish Dravid. He is just the sweet dream that Indian Cricket has passed through! Thank you Dravid for all the entertainment, pride and stability that you provided to Indian Cricket!

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  1. A brilliant cricket player and classical test batsman ever the world saw! Very tough to fill that vacant one down spot. An excellence which got little hidden due to other greats in the team. It was nice to see his great batting in our era.