Saturday, November 23, 2013

Indian Cricket Team Fixtures

Indian Cricket Team Fixtures

So here comes Cricket Lovers' addition to the International fixtures. Below calendar lists Indian Cricket team's future schedules and recent past match total scores. Navigation to this vast data is simplified and consolidated at one place like never before.

What's more, you can subscribe to this calendar with Google and add to your personal Google Calendar. Thus, you can easily keep track of important fixtures from your own device for your favorite Country. Or you can revisit this page, which we are sure is already bookmarked for such clever posts on beautiful game of Cricket and related subjects! Now, that's what we call smart planning!

Tips for exploring Google Calendar better:

  • Use backward/ forward button below Month - Year text to go to previous/ next month
  • Use Agenda tab to view details in list format
  • Click any link to check fixture details like score, timings etc. 

Since we have added calendar recently,  your suggestions and feedback, especially on usability and accuracy, are very important.

Source & Credits:
This calendar is sourced by Google Calendar, which in turn depends on ICC events' schedule. Cricket Lovers' blog is simply embedding calendar here with all data sourced as it is. There can be deviations from actual data for which Cricket Lovers' blog is not responsible.