Friday, June 4, 2010

Life is like Cricket

A few days ago, my school mate who lives in a metro city now, came back to our town. He said to me, "yaar, chotya cityt bore hotay re..." (It is boring to be in small city). I said, "pan tu tar ethech rahat hotas aani teva tula nahi bore vatale" (You were living here a few years ago, you did not feel the same then..!). The conversation then shifted to more interesting subjects as you can imagine, but the point remained in my mind... And then I realized, there is greater analogy between Life and Cricket!

Just take a recent example, we had IPL for 45 days and then T20 World Cup for about 15 days. So we had a T20 Cricket for 2 long months. Now, India's next season starts with One Day Internationals (ODIs) in Zimbabwe.  In T20, everything is fast and rapid, whereas in ODIs, it is comparatively slow and a bit dull. Suddenly, you feel like going from metro city to a small town, where things are slower than you are used to.

In business, L N Mittal believes in hitting so hard, that metal gets heated. In Cricket, Virendra Sehwag believes in hitting so hard, that maybe, ball gets out of the park!

If you look at the exam patterns of MBBS, CA etc. they are like  Test Cricket Matches. You have to complete it in 5 long years in which you need to appear for only 3 to 4 but very tough and hard exams. There you have strategies, huge plannings and reviewing them. If you fail to implement it, you have at least a little chance to come back. In case of Engineering, well, you appear for around 8 exams, 2 in each year. Here application of the gained skills and street smartness is of more importance. You fail to implement and you go out of competition which resembles with the ODI (or for the people who work a day and night before the match exam day, it's more like T20..!). In all the exams, just like in Cricket, you never know what is the end result!!! Lol..!

You play cricket with same bat and ball, but one cannot guarantee the same output every time, just like your mother prepares curry every day with same equipments but on an occasion, she forgets to put salt into it and... you feel like the batsman got out on Duck..!

Even natural phenomenon support this analogy. Suppose you are going to meet a 'special' person and suddenly it starts raining heavily! And all the excitement is lost. Like in Cricket- the match is abandoned due to rain! But good thing about life is that there are no Duckworth And Lewis!

If you start recalling such incidents and compare them with cricket, you will surely feel the similarity between them. Few years back, Rahul Dravid was in an ad of a Life Insurance Company saying, Life is Like Cricket, You Never Know What's Going To Happen... And I agree with that!

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By Abhijeet.

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