Sunday, June 20, 2010

The rivarly

It is more than Lights Camera and Action, this is better than any suspense story, it is raises the pressure on heart than any other live action, the contest is more thrilling than the Ashes. Yes, when it is India vs Pakistan encounter, it is more than just a game- it is war on ground with ball and bat as weapons and intensified exchanges of words as the mind games..!

The two teams had met around 10 months before in the Champions  Trophy, when Pakistan beat India. This time, Pakistan was in such a situation, that if they lose, they would go out of the tournament. So, Pakistan was playing for survival and pride. India was playing to settle the accounts of Champions Trophy.

When these two rivals meet, may it be any format of the game, the intensity in just at its peak! Watching such a pumped up match gives a joy that is incomparable. The match we saw yesterday, gives us a hope of the survival of ODIs in the era of T20 matches.

The match must have been watched Live by every Cricket Lover. Indian bowlers, surprisingly, blowled very well, took wickets at crucial times, and the team fielded very well. That was later complemented by  good batting. Gambhir, who is back in form, along with MS Dhoni  set the platform for this famous victory. But Gambhir failed not to bowling but to the sledging and maybe drinks break associated with sledging diverted his focus. Even after he got out, MSD kept things under control. It was only after 43rd over, when MSD got out, the Indian fans became a bit worried. But as you know, it is more than a thrilling story, the climax was set up by the likes of Suresh Supre Raina and Harbhajan Singh.


Last six overs and India needed 50 runs. Jadeja failed to contribute with the bat. And then Harbhajan took the field with Raina on other hand. Raina managed to hit boundaries when they mattered the most. But in the final over, he too got out. Meanwhile, crowd saw another confrontation between Shoaib and Bhajji, both were provoking each other.

In the anticlimax, Harbhajan hit a Six which was equivalent to the six hit by Javed Miyandad to win 1 ball-5 runs match against India. Harbhajan Singh- the king of Dambula-  did the same heroics to claim the very famous, very prestigious and very huge victory over Pakistan. Shoaib looked frustrated. 10 overs none for 57 and you lose both the match and the verbal confrontation, feel sorry for him!

Finally, India had the last laugh. And the one who laughs last, laughs loud. Cheers to Team India and all the best for finals.

By, Abhijeet.

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