Friday, May 14, 2010

Downs and downs..!

"There are ups and downs in sports...", "That was not our day...", "It is uncertain...", "Wins and losses are part of game..."-- All this is true but up to certain extent. Though I am not a critic of Indian Cricket Team, I cannot resists myself from doing that

And, when the coach of a team criticizes his own players, you got to believe that many things are going wrong..! And yes, winning against Afghanistan  required no skill, though win against SA is the only positive that we can take out of this.

I think, IPL is proving as the real Villain, though MSD & Co. denies the fact...! Players showed poor performance in all the departments of the game and result was in front of us. Players looked in too much hurry as if they had to save that time and maybe 'invest' it somewhere else. There were no ups and downs but only Downs and downs as far as Super 8s were concerned.

Good luck to Australia for remaining tournament. And hope team India will bounce back (though they cannot play bouncers) soon. Nothing much to write now, as I am a little busy. Keep visiting.

Meanwhile, Congratulations to Viswanathan Anand, an Indian, Truely Number One..!

By, Abhijeet.

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