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Why Cricket is not part of the Olympics?

But at first place, what makes the Olympic Games different than other sports events?

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Why Cricket is not part of the Olympics?
The Olympic Games are one of the biggest sporting events of our time. Athletes from the entire world take part in this traditional event. Their achievements are watched from both near and far by hundreds of millions of spectators and the Olympic medals become Country’s status symbols and athletes’ pride. The Games are held every four years. They are the largest sporting celebration in terms of the number of sports on the program.

The Games are also part of a broader framework which is that of the Olympic Movement. The purpose of the Olympic Movement is to:
Link sport with culture and education
Promote the practice of sport and the joy found in effort
Help to build a better world through sport practiced in a spirit of peace, excellence, friendship and respect.

The obvious question comes to a Cricket Lover’s mind is why Cricket is not a part of the historical Olympics?

And that brings us to the basic question as to what are the criteria for a sport to be part of the Olympic game? After thorough search, I found official explanation from none other than the International Olympic Committee (IOC). The Explanation offered:

...The IOC sets the program and decides which sports will be included. The IOC also has the right to accept or refuse any proposed new sport, discipline or event.

Sport - For a sport to be made an Olympic sport it has to be governed by an International Federation recognized by the IOC.
e.g.: Swimming at the Games is governed by the International Swimming Federation (FINA)
In case of Cricket, it is International Cricket Council (ICC)

Discipline - an Olympic sport comprises one or several disciplines.
e.g.: Water polo and diving are disciplines of swimming.
In case of Cricket, Twently20 makes the optimal choice

Event - a discipline includes one or more events or competitions. An event gives rise to a result for which medals are awarded.
e.g.: The 10m platform for women is a diving event; the men’s 500m is a speed skating event.
A football style or Cricket World-cup Cricket format can bring a winner to whom medal can be presented

Above basic notions are to be followed by IOC for selecting a sport. In addition, below criteria should be met by the sport itself to push its case forward to IOC:

Criteria for being an Olympic sport

In order to be included on the Olympic program, a sport must fulfill, amongst others, the following conditions:
- It must be widely practiced (by men, in 75 countries on four continents; by women, in 40 countries and on three continents);
- The World Anti-Doping Code must be applied;
- It must not rely on mechanical propulsion (such as a motor).

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ICC needs to push Twenty20
Since the first criterion cited here cannot to be fulfilled by Cricket, ICC may be holding back in pushing Twently20 Cricket into the Olympics. It is indeed unfortunate for those playing, following Cricket. Besides the technical shortcomings for Cricket, there are few other reason why Cricket is difficult to be included in the Olympics in immediate future. But that we will discuss in the next post! Till then, Enjoy this.

I hope the question is answered to the satisfaction. But hey, here is one Did you know fact - check out. Let’s all wish good luck to our respective athletes and London Olympics!

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