Thursday, April 29, 2010

ICC T-20 World Cup: Keep your fingures crossed..!

Guys & girls, (if this were a Test World Cup, I would have greeted you "Ladies & Gentlemen..!") get ready to experience another T-20 series. And no doubt, it is far bigger than IPL just because the nations will fight against each other...

I have already used a phrase- "The game of uncertainties" in last post. But let me today explain it a little more. MS Dhoni said in a press conference, 'India will not take Afghanistan lightly'. Captain of one mighty side is saying about a debutant squad that it is not a weak team. That must not be 'so kind of Dhoni'. There must be some X-factor in back of the minds of every captain.

What T-20 format has done is,
it has reduced the huge gap, that was seen on the field of One Day Internationals (ODIs) or Test Cricket Matches between a strong side like say Australia and a weak side say like Zimbabwe. But just recently, though in a warm up game, Zimbabwe shook Australia by beating them in a thriller! Let's take an example of Indian Team. When no one was giving any chance to India, India won 1st T-20 World Cup (T20 WC). And suddenly, in next T20 WC, they failed to qualify even for Super 8s- with almost the same squad. The story is largely the same as far as Rajasthan Royals are concerned!

The point is, uncertainty in the game of cricket is of the most importance & it creates the ultimate excitement. When game gets predictable, it starts becoming boring. But unlike ODIs, T20 format has managed to increase the level of uncertainty to the next level, it has become totally unpredictable as even an over can change the scenario. Because of this, a weak team can hope to get qualified for semifinals or even grab the Cup! This is indeed going to help cricket in more than a single way. In conclusion, I will say that T-20 is going to be the future of the game, though Test Cricket will still survive, it is the ODIs that largely will get hampered.

Guys & girls, keep your fingers crossed & cheer for your favorite team! It's going to be unpredictable, uncertain but full of excitement T20 WC for the Cricket Lovers. And hence, no favorites from me, though I will cheer for the Men In Blue..!

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By Abhijeet.

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